Docker adds Official Repos for language stacks to the Docker Hub

small__5148255416Docker Inc., has said it’s going to deliver additional programming language stacks to its customers after learning from their search habits in the Docker Hub.

The company wrote about its plans in a blog post this week, saying it’s already added the top 11 most searched for programming language stacks to the Docker Hub Offical Repositories, which is a centrally-located set of application components for developers and system admins to use. These new languages include Go, Java, Python and Ruby, amongst others.

“Official Repos, publicly downloadable for free from the Docker Hub Registry, are curated images informed by user feedback and best practices,” wrote Docker in its blog. “They represent a focused community effort to provide great base images for applications, so developers and sysadmins can focus on building new features and functionality while minimizing repetitive work on commodity scaffolding and plumbing.”

“Specifically, developers want to get working as quickly as possible writing code without wasting time wrestling with environments, scaffolding, and dependencies.”

Besides this, Docker has announced a new partner program for curated content that gives software vendors the option of maintaining a stack within Docker’s Hub Official Repos.

Docker has posted a set of guidelines detailing the acceptance criteria for stacks to be considered in its official repos program. A number of partners have already contributed to the program, including Amazon Web Services, Canonical, CentOS, Clojure, Fedora, Hyland and Nginx.

The program serves to benefit the Docker community by guaranteeing the security and quality of all official repos in the Docker Hub.

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